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​We tailor our programs to meet the local school community needs and provide much more than child minding.

Our programs are designed to develop stronger, healthier, happier children and to provide an environment that is like a “home away from home.”

Programs are developed in consultation with children, parents, school community and staff. They are tailored to cater to the children’s age, skill, interests and abilities through a variety of challenging and recreational activities.

Before and after school care

Care is available 5 days per week during term time. Before school, the service operates from 6.30 am – 9.00 am. After school, the service operates 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm. Children can walk straight to and from their classrooms. Educators pick up and drop off the prep students and escort them to the hall.

Vacation care and student free days

A full day program is available, 5 days per week during school holidays, and on student free days from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm.


Helping Hands Network provides a healthy breakfast at before school care and a healthy afternoon tea at after school care. Breakfast, morning tea, and afternoon tea are all provided at vacation care. In addition to these meals the children also have the opportunity to participate in cooking activities and the occasional special treat.


  • Before school care: $14 per session

  • After school care: $19 per session

  • Vacation care: $44 per session

Government subsidies

There are a number of schemes available to parents including:

Child Care Benefit (CCB) – CCB is a means tested benefit available to parents accessing outside school hours care. The percentage benefit available to a family is determined by criteria including the number of children in care and household income. Helping Hands Network automatically lodges claims on behalf of parents, and only bills for the difference.

Child Care Tax Rebate (CCTR) – This rebate is available to all families, and entitles families to receive 50% of their out-of-pocket child care costs up to $7,500 per child per year. This can be claimed as a rebate paid quarterly. Alternatively, you can now arrange to have it paid direct to Helping Hands to reduce your upfront fee payment. If you would like to take up this second option, please contact Centrelink in the first instance, to make these arrangements.

Cost to parents

After CCB and CCTR, costs per child per session for a permanent booking range from:

  • Before school care: From $3.75

  • After school care: From $6.70

  • Vacation care: From $3.92

These prices are an estimate only and are based on one child in care.

Currently, places are available in before school care, after school care and for vacation care.

To make an enquiry to use the Helping Hands Network service, please contact the coordinator of the service directly on mobile 0459 156 955 or by email at

To speak to the accounts department, please call (07) 5438 9549.

Visit our Helping Hand Network website or email:

Parent handbook

A copy of the parent handbook is available on request from the service coordinator, or by contacting the Helping Hands Network head office on (07) 5438 9549.


Please download and complete the following documents to enrol in the service: 

Last reviewed 06 April 2020
Last updated 06 April 2020