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Rules and policies

At Worongary State School we have a responsible behaviour plan for students based on the code of school behaviour.

The Worongary State School, rules are:

  • I am safe

  • I am a learner

  • I am respectful

This set of three rules are aimed at making Worongary a safe and happy school, in which learning and teaching can occur most effectively by promoting and encouraging appropriate choices in all learning and play situations. This plan aims to encourage responsible behaviour, self-control and social competency. This is a learned process and will be achieved through teaching appropriate strategies that enable children to use positive behaviours and supporting them as they learn these skills. Children are able to develop positive relationships and are encouraged to make decisions and choices about their behaviour in order to meet their needs in the best possible way.

If you would like more information, please download the complete responsible behaviour plan (PDF, 454 KB)​.​

Schoolwide positive behaviour support program

The Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) program was adopted at Worongary State School in 2010. It has assisted our school to create positive learning environments by developing proactive whole-school systems to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviours. SWPBS was developed by leading behavioural experts to reduce problem behaviour and increase academic performance. At Worongary State School we implement evidence-based approaches to managing student behaviour to support current issues.

With strong emphasis on data-based decision-making, the program is evaluated regularly and practices are adjusted to make sure the process is achieving effective results with positive behaviour support focussed on teaching appropriate behaviour to all students in the school.

For more information, take a look at the SWPBS website​


The way a child dresses him/herself influences his/her behaviour. Worongary State School in conjunction with their Parents and Citizens association (P&C) have introduced an appropriate dress code. This has been implemented to:

  • Promote a sense of identity and pride
  • Promote equality amongst students
  • For student security. School uniforms mean students are easily identified.


 Children are required to wear the correct uniform each day. The uniform is expected to be kept in a clean, neat and correct fashion. It is inappropriate for undergarments to be visible. (i.e. boxer shorts, long sleeve shirts, etc).


Should students be unable to wear the uniform due to an unusual circumstance, parents are asked to send a note with an explanation with the student that day. Students who breach the uniform code will be issued with a warning.

For more Information, take a look at our uniform policy SCHOOL DRESS CODE 2017.pdfSCHOOL DRESS CODE 2018.pdf​​​​