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Our Staff - 2019

Here at Worongary State School, we have a dedicated, professional staff that is committed to fostering the development of each individual child.

Admin Team
Principal – Landon Dare
Senior School Deputy - Principal – Kelly Ready
Junior School Deputy - Principal – Kerry White
Business Services Manager –  Tracie Hocart 

Office Team
Kerry Balcke
Fiona Longworth
Jo Wales

Specialist Team
PE – Mel Smith
Music – Katheryn Jones, Aichlinn Huang-Ryan, Donna Futo
LOTE – Joanne Fullerton
Librarian & Technology – Jann Connor
Guidance Officer – Kathy Bellamy 
Speech Pathologist – Tennille Souter
Behaviour - Kaia Clarke
Peg Coach - Marg Haebich
HOC - David Clancy
STEM – Tim Mullaly

Teaching Team 

PA Katie Huggard
PB Karoline Zaar
PC Kathrine Davies
PD Megan Yates
PE Kylie Cook
Support Kerrianne Sullivan
Year 1
1/2A Isabella Fowler
1B Marie Geurts (T,W,Th,F)
1B Sienna Willis (F)
1C Denise Adams (M,T,W,Th)
1C Sienna Willis (M)
1D Kate Murdoch
Support Kerrianne Sullivan 

Year 2
1/2A Isabella Fowler
2B Elaine Quarman
2C Jacquie McMahon
2D Cailtin Hayles
2E Amy Buttigieg
Support Kerrianne Sullivan   

Year 3
3/4A Heather de Watteville Doe
3B Kirsty Walland
3C Donna Ermer
3C Peta Jollie (M)
3D Guy Coubrough
3E Janet Taynton
Support Danni Karam

Year 4
3/4A Heather de Watteville Doe
4B Lara Melrose (M, T, W)  
4B Belinda Fairweather (Th ,F)
4C Dallas Werder
4D Danielle Janes
Support Danni Karam

Year 5
5/6A Angela Banks
5B Sally Wood
5C Reanne Wilson (M, T, W)
5C Melissa Hatton (Th,F)
5D Claes Ohlund
5E Susan Paterson
Support Danni Karam
Year 6
5/6A Angela Banks
6B Ellen McDonald
6C Hayley Thomson
6D Gemma Williamson (M,T,W)
6D Alana Perryman (Th,F)
Support Jo Jackson